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Skills Competence Canada 2012 Provincial/National

CMPUT 201 C/STL Platform

CMPUT 206/307 Photoshop/3DS Max

CMPUT 250 Game Development

CMPUT 291/391 Database Development

CMPUT 301 Android Development

CMPUT 350 Game AI

CMPUT 401 Software Engineering – ASP.NET

CMPUT 404 Web Architecture – DJANGO, Web Architecture

Research & Development Intern @ PCL Industrial Management

  • Visual Basic, Computer Networks, WinForms, UWP, C#, Database

Associate Software Developer @ Onware

  • Xamarin Forms(iOS/Android/UWP) ASP.Net, Python, C#, Database

Software Developer @ Finger Food Advanced Technology Group

  • UWP, NodeJS, C#(Unity3D)
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Play Video Games, Cooking, Longboard, Hanging out with Friends,

Working on My Car, Traveling

Commercial Software Development/Maintenance

Database Development/Maintenance

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Computer Architecture


Email: sbao@ualberta.ca


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Here's my final project for cmput 201, the professor gave us 2 choices, either go along with a java-based line drawing api provided and supported by the teaching team. Or chose another platform called SDL and fend for ourselves. Obviously I had to go with the second option because how much a winner I am 😎